Q1. How would mock exams help my child.
By attending mock exams on a monthly basis, your child will be exposed to exams environment. This exposure will enable your child to gain experience in coping with stresses of exams and exam conditions. This will help your child to produce excellent results in a very highly competitive world. The average ratio in England is 13 children to 1 place in grammar schools. Every parent wants to give their child the best of everything to help them gain a place in a school of their choice.

Q2. My child is top in the class, attends 11+ classes at a tution centre and scores 100% in all the exams.. Does my child need to attend 11 plus exam centres?
However excellent you child is, on the day of the exams or the days leading to the exams any child or even the parents will get anxious. The child will pass their anxiety to the parents and the parents will pass their anxiety to their child. Your child may experience physical symptoms like - : CONFUSION.....SWEATING......SLEEPLESSNESS.....WORRIES. Some children may not display these symptoms but may feel the symptoms on the day of the exams. At that point you may wish that you could have helped your child more.
Like in any exams, interviews or even sports the more practice we get, the more perfect we become. PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT.
Attending monthly exams in a real environment will help alleviate the symptoms and fears for even the most confident child. You want to give your child the best and even chance.

Q3. What are the other benefits?
Your child will build confidence, overcome nerves, perfect exam techniques, manage to time the questions well so that all questions are answered to get maximum marks. Your child becomes familiar to the environment, the invigilators and different students. REMEMBER you child will be sitting in several schools for the entrance exams. This experience will benefit them well into their secondary school education.

Q4. How often are the exams?

Q5. Can my child sit in more than one centre?

Q6. Can I pay for the whole year to ensure a place for my child is secured?

Q7. How will I know whether my child is progressing?
You will be able to go into the website and view the results. There will be a graph to show whether you child is progressing or need more input by other means.

Q8. Will you be able to give detailed report of where my child needs are?
Most certainly yes but this will incur a administration cost and cost for the tutor to produce the result.